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A lot of people have the simple dream of hearing their songs recorded professionally. I've been operating Babymoon Recording since 1984, having done before that about 15 years of serious audio production (Below, you can read about larger-scale work, and to find a voice-over demo). I've particularly enjoyed helping people with little or no recording experience. It's a zillion-track Pro Tools digital system that can send you out the door with a handful of CDs of your music, or a master for mass duplication.

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There are two rates. If you're making all the magic and I'm just recording it, that's $48 an hour. If you need me to be creatively involved, anywhere from playing along on harmonica to supervising the whole project ("producing") and even coming up with arrangements involving guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, and digitally-generated orchestrations, the charge jumps to $64 an hour. A fun project has been working with a guy who hums (and whistles!) the songs he's made. He shows up with mere words on a page. He has enough music in himself to communicate the tune to me--then the fun begins. It's work I love. I'd love to do it with you. (I'd even love it if you were a gifted and seasoned professional, because I record them, too.)

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions, or use the Contact link to the left.

You do have to come to Utah, of course. But then, people have.


 Here a couple of very recent songs recorded at Babymoon. Click on them to listen (mp3s):
"How Do I Deal With My Heart" by Sandra Katzenbach
"Fire In the Mountain" (a souvenir from a recent scout trip)



A Pro Tools digital studio, recording through Rode, Audio-Technica, and AKG condenser mics. Clients with audiences on a national scale have included:

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, for whom I directed (and often performed in) 200 episodes of their "Share the Music" series for elementary school children.

Gibbs Smith publishers, for whom we contracted to produce and voice the audio versions of ten hefty social studies textbooks for grades 4 through 7. 

Random House (not recorded at Babymoon) for whom I pronounced a quarter of the words in their unabridged dictionary. (This would be c. 33,000 words.)

Peace Mountain Mediaworks, for whom I, with others, wrote, produced, directed, and performed in 37 instructional audio adventures for children.

Richard & Linda Eyre, authors of the Simon and Schuster best-selling book, "Teaching Your Children Values," for whom I was a principal collaborator in writing, producing, directing, and performing in the companion audio series for children, consisting of 12 episodes.

Uncounted novels and instructional books for local publishers with international, but niche, audiences.

Anyone interested in performance credentials should click on "actor's resume."

Below is a voice-over demo. It features my voice and that of my wife, Laurie, who does a whole lot of this kind of work. In the last bit (the "prize-fighter" bit) all the voices are mine except for the ringside announcer, who is played by Bob Evans.