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Audra McDonald, Jared Young, and me in "110 In the Shade"

In the last couple decades, most recent listed first:

FILM (includes some TV)

ON TOP OF THE WORLD, Imagine Dragons Video, worldwide. I play Richard Nixon.

THE STORY OF ESTHER, for DVD release. I play her Uncle, who doesn't get hanged.

JOSEPH SMITH, for the Legacy Theatre in SLC. I play a fiend of the infernal pit.

FLY BOYS, for theatrical release. I play the pilot who's thrown out of the plane (from the sky).

HANCOCK COUNTY, for international cable broadcast and video release. I'm the protagonist.

WHERE RIVERS MEET, for theatrical release. I play the skeptical sheriff, a principle character.

HORSE CRAZY, made for the Disney cable. I play the bad guy, a horse thief.

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. I play a mayor speaking at a wrestler's funeral.

PURE RACE, an independent feature in which I play a neo-Nazi chieftain, the obvious antagonist.

ANCIENT SECRETS OF THE BIBLE, a CBS movie prime-time feature. I play the architect of the Tower of Babel.

SIEGE AT ALTA VIEW, a CBS movie. I'm the leader of the SWAT team.

A TRUCE WITH DEATH. In this Heartland Film Festival winner, I'm the lead.

MY LIFE AS A BABYSITTER. A Disney cable movie, I'm the intimidating dad.

LORENZO'S SONGBOOK, a video series. I'm Lorenzo the coyote, a puppet.

AN EASTER DREAM. In this nationally syndicated film, I'm the apostle John.

GOLD FEVER, an independent short feature. I'm the only human, a cowboy.

THE SECRET OF LOST CREEK, on the Disney cable. I'm the FBI good guy who saves Shannen Doherty's life.

THE WITCHING OF BEN WAGNER, on the Disney cable. I'm a nasty nerd.

SATURDAY'S WARRIOR, big video release. I'm the dad.

IT NEARLY WASN'T CHRISTMAS, a nationally syndicated TV movie, includes four related stories. I star in the climactic story, finally accepting Charles Durning as Santa Claus.

A MORE PERFECT UNION, perennial PBS feature. I have a frequently featured speaking role.

AMERICA, THE DREAM GOES ON, a nationally syndicated TV special. I'm George Washington.

MAN'S SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS. I play the main role in this internationally distributed video for the LDS Church.

HOW RARE A POSSESSION. Same producer, featured speaking role.

ABOUND IN HOPE, for the church again, for U.S satellite broadcast.

MAKING COOKIES, for the LDS Church, as the lead. My first paid role on film.

(I've played principal roles in training, motivational, educational, and industrial films for the BBC, PBS, U.S. Air Force, LDS Church, Southern California Edison, NuSkin, Osco Drug, WordPerfect, America First Credit Union, Skaggs Telecommunications Service, Bonneville International, Powdermoon Productions, Wildwood, Valtek, Candlelight Productions, and numerous others.)


THE TEMPEST, for Renaissance Now. I played Prospero.

TWELFTH NIGHT, for Renaissance Now. I played Sir Toby Belch.

110 IN THE SHADE, at the Hale Center Theater in Orem, Utah. I played Audra McDonald's dad.


MAN OF LA MANCHA, at the Salt Lake Grand Theatre. I played the title role.

JANE EYRE, at the Alpine Playhouse. I played Rochester, who gets the girl (Jane).

THE KING AND I, at the Hale Centre Theatre, Salt Lake City. I played the king.

FUNNY GIRL, at Sundance Summer Theatre. I played the mean theatre owner.

J. GOLDEN!, in several Intermountain runs, a one-man show.

THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP, at Provo Theatre Company, a two-man show.

WEDLOCKED, various Intermountain runs, a two-player show.

PROPHET, the Utah premiere. I played a guitar-toting angel.

THE TRAIL OF DREAMS, lead role in 132 of the Utah performances.

PHANTOM, at the Salt Lake Grand Theatre. I played the title role.

SOUTH PACIFIC, at the Sundance Summer Theatre. I was Emile deBeque.

CELEBRATING THE LIGHT, at Promised Valley Playhouse in Salt Lake. A lead.

GUYS AND DOLLS, at Sundance Summer Theatre. I was Sky Masterson.

THE FANTASTICKS, at Sundance. I played El Gallo.

SIDE BY SIDE BY SONDHEIM, at Sundance. I was one of the four players.

I DO! I DO!, at Sundance, a two-player show.

BIG RIVER, at Sundance Summer Theatre. I played the dangerous Pap Finn.

BABY, at Sundance. I played a principal in this ensemble piece.

SWEENEY TODD, with Opera West. I was Sweeney Todd.

IT'S MY LIFE. In this brief western tour, I played a principal role.

ANNIE, at Sundance Summer Theatre. I was Daddy Warbucks.

THE RUMMAGE SALE, an Intermountain run. I played several principal roles.

SATURDAY'S WARROR, monster western states tours--the dad.

KING LEAR, at Park City Shakespeare Festival. I was the Earl of Gloucester.

THE PLANEMAKER, national tours and extended runs. A one-man show.

CHARLIE'S MONUMENT, western states tour and extended runs, the title role.


ALEXANDER'S AMAZING ADVENTURES! I play lots of people (and creatures) in this internationally distributed series.

THE ALLABOUT FAMILY, a series for children. I play the dad.

SHARE THE MUSIC, an instructional series for Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. I play lots of leads.

WINNERS TOWN, a series for Eagle Systems International, several lead roles.

SCRIPTURE SCOUTS, in which I play several leads, notably a dog. (I'm also counting prophets and deity as leads.)

CHESTER, I LOVE YOU, for Covenant Recordings, a principal role.

BRADBURY 13, for Omni Magazine. I play a supporting role.

I have performed uncounted voice-overs, including numerous entire books, and the Random House Unabridged Dictionary.

(In Community Theatre, I have been the imported paid lead in SHENANDOAH, SOUTH PACIFIC, and MY FAIR LADY. I was a professional guest at Brigham Young University in COULD YOU LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN? and the world premieres of HANCOCK COUNTY, SOFT SHOE, and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and volunteered along with the rest of the community as the lead in THE MUSIC MAN and THE SOUND OF MUSIC.)

I'm currently unaffiliated with any agency. To reach me, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.