A guitar, a banjo, maybe a piano, and the brightest, funniest, loveliest and most lasting from Marvin Payne's hundreds of songs. A sweet time together.


"There are no facades with Marvin Payne. He is a down-to-earth, powerful performer, broadening his audience's sense of purpose and enjoyment." --Tradewinds Magazine

"Warm as a quilt, colorful as a rainbow." --Olga Milius, Eagle Newspapers

"Creating onstage an emotional connection audiences long for and seldom find." --Nancy Melich, Salt Lake Tribune


How to host one of these Home Concerts:

Pretty easy, really. If you live in Northern Utah, it doesn't even cost you anything (except maybe for potato chips, and you can even ask your guests to bring those). If I have to drive (or fly) farther, it might cost you something. Instructions:

E-mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The concert kind of needs to be its own thing. If I'm the "entertainment" for a function that's actually gathering for some other reason (like a company dinner, awards night, family or class reunion, birthday or Christmas party, Democratic Party caucus, petting zoo ribbon-cutting ceremony, Klan barbecue, Inter-tribal Powwow, Super Bowl halftime, etc.), I typically charge between $300 and $800, plus whatever expenses might be incurred.

Try to make it clear to anyone attending that the performance is a celebration of a particular CD or set of CDs, and that they'll be available for purchase at the home concert. Typically I'll come away a dozen or two CDs lighter. Usually after the first fifteen minutes together, we all forget that there was any financial object in mind at all.

Um, that's it. (The concert itself is pretty much guaranteed to be more exciting than the process of setting it up.) I can fill in the blanks on the invitation below and send you a pdf to use as you'd like.